[Samba] Doubts about sharing a winprinter

Kurt Pfeifle kpfeifle at danka.de
Sat May 24 17:57:02 GMT 2003

Alfonso A. webmaster at open-code.net

> Sat May 24 19:18:24 GMT 2003
> Hi there,
> I own a domestic lan with two computers, mine and my mother's one. 
 > Mine is called GREENDEMON and the other one is called BLUEDEMON and
 > they both are configured to run on the REDLOCAL workgroup. I've Debian
 > Woody running on GREENDEMON and Windows 98 running on BLUDEMON, with
 > an attached Nec Silentwriter Superscript 610 printer. This printer
 > is only compatible with Windows 9x systems,

If that is true, you can't print from Linux, unfortunately, even if
you hook the printer to the Win98 box. Win 98 won't convert the data
automatically for you.

Check at http://www.linuxprinting.org/printer_list.cgi if that printer
really is a GDI/Winprinter.

In that case you could only do one thing. Transfer the file to the
Win98 box (using Samba), in a format that can be read on Win98 (possibly
PDF). Then print it using the Win98 driver (possibly from Acrobat Reader)

> and I want to set up 
 > samba so I can print jobs from my computer (GREENDEMON). The printer
 > is shared in the Windows 98 System. Here it is a little description
> GREENDEMON - IP   O.S. Debian
> BLUEDEMON - IP  O.S. Windows 98 with a Nec Silenwriter Superscript 610
> How can I print jobs from GREENDEMON using the shared printer? I've 
 > set up Debian quite good, so the only thing I really need is to use the printers.
> Any replies could help. Thank you very much.
> P.S. Sorry if my English isn't quite good, but I'm from Spain :-)

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