[Samba] /var/spool/samba retention period

Kurt Pfeifle kpfeifle at danka.de
Fri May 23 23:32:31 GMT 2003

John H Terpstra jht at samba.org

Hi, Jan!

> Fri May 23 20:30:27 GMT 2003
> On Fri, 23 May 2003, _Chris McKeever_ wrote:
>> man, I thought the list was dead!

I wondered too where Chris acquired the boldness to exclamate such a claim.

He must be knowing some other lists, where an answer to any question is
forthcoming within less than 20 hours.

> No, the list is not dead. It's just that it would take two people full
> time to keep up with requests to this list and we have incredible
> difficulty making any team member work on the list given the exceptional
> pay provided!

Quite right, Jan!

>> anyway, I am running 2.2.8m 

This version is unknown to me. Where might he have gotten it, Jan?

>> but I ofund that I needed to add
>> ;rm %s
>> to my print command!
> You are trying to solve a CUPS problem using Samba.

Not quite right here, Jan.

The complaining party pointed at files remaining in "/var/spool/samba/"
(the recommended Samba spool dir), not the ones in "/var/spool/cups/".

Since the complainant didn't bother to give a commonly known version
number for Samba or CUPS it is extremely difficult for anyone of our
voluntary support staff to come up with any remedy (especially since
most of our in-house crystal balls are broken since a long time...)
within our standard timeframe for free-of-charge world class special

However, he might have stumbled over a real bug which was present
in one older 2.2.x version. But we don't know for sure...

We don't even know his current configuration settings in smb.conf.
But he asks to get advice to change his configuration.

Do you think it is a fair verdict, Jan, if we point him to the documents




and ask him to try an help himself in record-time?

> Suggest you check your
> /etc/cups/cupsd.conf file. There is an option there to delete spent
> entries. The old ones hang around to allow any job to be reprinted.

These ones would hang around in "/var/spool/cups/"

> Check what is the setting of "AutoPurgeJobs", you might be surprised how
> helpful that option can be. :)
> - John T.


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