[Samba] Trust Relationships using Samba

Dave Alva-Hill dave at alliedfire.com
Fri May 23 23:07:49 GMT 2003

Like many, I administer multiple LANs connected together using NT trust
relationships.  This was implemented about 4 years ago.  I now have the
occasion to consider performing this same task again, but this time, I would
like to implement it solely through samba - no Microsoft PDCs anywhere.

I have read documentation on samba.org regarding NT-style trust
relationships and am now wondering, can I do what I want to?  I already have
successfully implemented 2 samba servers, but they are not PDCs.  They
merely act as file servers.  I seem to remember, and it appears to be true
(according to samba.org) that trust relationships are a challenge.

Please provide any helpful feedback that you may have.

Thank you.


Allied Fire Protection
dave at alliedfire.com

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