[Samba] "Additional Drivers" and Print Window Refresh

Kurt Pfeifle kpfeifle at danka.de
Fri May 23 22:27:32 GMT 2003

Ryan Novosielski novosirj at umdnj.edu

> Fri May 23 13:22:36 GMT 2003
> I have RTFM'd, so excuse me if I missed something in the manual. :)

Probably the authors missed to put in a note reminding the readers to
always provide versions and software info if the request help on mailing

> 1) When I attempt to add additional drivers (the inital driver worked just
> fine, when using the instructions in John's HOWTO),

John's HOWTO Collection will soon include this drafted document:


This one is very much extended and should soon count as the real reference
when RTFM-ing   ;-)

> I get the following
> error:
> "The printer driver you selected is either not compatible with your
> current version of Windows, or it may not be available. Select a
> compatible driver from the list, or contact your administrator for help."

Please heck the sections




> ...as this is an M$ error, I've been having trouble figuring it out as far
> as Samba goes. Does anyone know why I wouldn't be able to add Win 95-98
> drivers with Win2k Professional to a Samba PRINT$ share? The Win2k driver
> I added first was fine. A possibly related problem is my inability to use
> enumprinters:
> # /products/samba/bin/rpcclient //localhost -U novosirj -c "enumprinters"
> Password:
> cmd = enumprinters
> rpc_api_pipe: cmd 26 on pipe 7530 failed to return data.

This could be a Samba/rpcclient bug in your particular version of Samba....

> 2) I have an NT4 machine that I'm using as a print monitor, to show users
> the queue when they stand near the printer. However, when switching from
> '98 to NT (NT works better for this purpose,

NT printing works very differently from Win 98 printing...

> from what I've seen), I am
> now having problems with the queue not updating. Sometimes there will be
> no change in the queue until I hit F5 -- not the way I want it to work.
> "lpq cache time= " seems not to have anything to do with it.
> Anyone got some answers?

No -- but some questions for you to answer first....   ;-)

Which is the UNIX print subsystem you are using on the Samba host? CUPS?
LPRng? Something else? Which version of it?

Which version of Samba are you running?


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