[Samba] ghost network bootdisk connecting to samba server

awesome-dave1 at juno.com awesome-dave1 at juno.com
Fri May 23 19:49:07 GMT 2003

	This situation is not strictly samba, but it is related. If people think
it's off topic please respond privately. I've got a redhat9 samba server
running samba 2.2.7 on to which i'd like to store some ghost images that
i ghost from network machines. I'm using ghost 7.5 and i'm having
problems getting the disks to connect to the server. The two cards are:
Sis900 integrated
and a laptop:
Xircom ce3b
	I go in to boot wizzard and there's six options, the two i think might
work are drive mapper but that seems to use netbeui, and network TCPIP
with multicasting, but that one doesn't have a lot of the net commands
enabling me to map a drive. The server in question if this matters is
acting as a workgroup master and the machines being ghosted are win2k
Any help appreciated.

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