[Samba] RT_SIGNAL_LEASE error message in logs

Bill Tangren bjt at aa.usno.navy.mil
Fri May 23 17:55:21 GMT 2003


I am running samba version 2.2.7a-8.9.0 (installed from RPM binaries) on a 
RedHat 9 system, running kernel version 2.4.20-9.

Since I upgraded to RH9, I have had a persistent error in my logs:

smbd/oplock_linux.c:linux_init_kernel_oplocks(287)  Failed to setup 
RT_SIGNAL_LEASE handler : 90 Time(s)

This error (or is it a warning?) does not seem to affect performance, AFAIK. 
Could someone please explain this error, and hopefully how to get rid of it? I 
did not get this error when running RedHat 7.3, kernel version 2.4.18-27.7.x. I 
tried Google, but found nothing useful.

Any suggestions?

Bill Tangren

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