[Samba] Authenticate to existing NTDomain and map to nobody? (Repost)

paul.r.schenk at accenture.com paul.r.schenk at accenture.com
Fri May 23 15:46:58 GMT 2003

My guess here is that it won't work, as I'm pretty sure you need your
authenticating user account names to be on the Linux server as well.

But, if it will work, the way would be to:

security = server
password server = blah blah

force user = nobody

Why can't you just allow guest logins and do force user = nobody? That
would let everybody connect, even if they can't authenticate, but they'd
only get to be nobody.

All the best,

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  Hello group.

  Sorry, if this shows twice.

  I have the following setup requirement, and so far searching the INET and
the mailing archives has brought me nothing.

  I have an existing WindosNT/2k/XP domain.
  I need to share a directory on a Slackware 9.0 (recent samba).
  I need the users authenticated to the Windows Domain, but all then mapped
to nobody (i.e. I do NOT want to map windows users to linux users).
  I tried setting up a DOMAIN auth, and it worked, however there were no
users mapped to linux.
  I tried setting up the smbusermap like this:
nobody = *
  But that revealed an unexpected situation.
  The user is first mapped to nobody, and then the NtDomain controller
(password server) is asked if the user nobody is authen ticated correctly.

  Is this something, that is expected, or did I do s.th. wrong?

  Does anyone know how to set up my situation?

  I have lost 3 days in searching and testing to no avail.
  Please help.


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