[Samba] Group Question For Samba

Robert Adkins radkins at impelind.com
Fri May 23 13:39:16 GMT 2003


> So far, i've been able to successfully add users and machines to the PDC 
> with out a problem. However, I have a question in regards to certain Groups.
> Specifically, if I wanted to make sure all of the users I add to the Samba 
> PDC are part of the "Power Users" group that Windows 2000 comes with by 
> default, how would I specify that? Also, if I had a couple of users that I 
> need to make sure are part of the "Administrators" group, I would imagine, 
> I would need to set them up the same way as I do with the "Power Users" 
> group...

	There is an "Administrator" group supported in the version of Samba
that you are using. This group setting is created in the smb.conf file
and can point to a UNIX group or to individual users. 

	As far as I know, there has yet to be a method to create power users
with anything other then local policies. Personally, I searched high and
low for a method to do so, in order to facilitate some functionality on
the Windows workstations.

	In the end, I had to alter the local security policies to allow those
tasks to be performed by Authenticated Domain Users. Which, while taking
a little longer to configure, is actually a little less messy
considering all of the abilities conferred to Power Users. (Which
weren't needed by the regular users.)

> I'm wondering if I need to use NT 4.0 disk to install a policy editor of 
> some sort?

	I dunno about this one.

> I've read that their are new features coming out with Samba 3.0 that will 
> help with this, but for the time being, what would be the best way to 
> manage and setup my users accordingly?
	Hopefully, Samba 3.0 will provide excellent Windows 2000 Domain
Controls, just as the current production version of Samba does with
Windows NT 4.0 Domain Controls. 

	For the time being, I have found that Windows 2000 Local Security
policies work fine. If you aren't using Windows 2000 across all your
workstations, then I am unsure of how to further assist you with that.

	Robert Adkins
	IT Manager/Buyer

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