[Samba] Severals question about Samba 3

rberghmans at arafox.com rberghmans at arafox.com
Fri May 23 06:59:26 GMT 2003

I've compiled Samba-3alpha24 with the ldap option. But when I set up in conf 
file the following option : passdb backend = ldap://localhost, I found in the 
log file : unable to load /usr/lib/samba/pdb/ldap.so, How can I solve it ? Is 
it necessary to use it for a samba-ldap configuration ?  
I've tried to import with "net rcp vampire" the whole database of a NT4 
server. Everything is exported except the Groups and the ntpasswd and 
lmpasswd. And the data imported in LDAP directory are store in samba 2.2 
format and not samba 3.3 (I've put the samba.schema found in samba3 sources in 
the right directory) 
Thank you, 
See you, 

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