[Samba] Everything working as expected, but log gets spammed.

hansa at tihlde.org hansa at tihlde.org
Thu May 22 15:41:32 GMT 2003


I have successfully installed and configured samba on one of my servers,
running Debian Woody, i386, Samba ver. 2.2.3a (latest from distro).
Everything is working as it should, all the shares work, with my
users connecting with unames and passwords from the pw-server in the

BUT: My syslog is getting constantly spammed with this errormessage
(cluttering :) , and i haven't been able to find out why:

May 22 09:51:00 gibson smbd[6401]: unable to open passdb database. 
May 22 09:51:00 gibson smbd[6401]: [2003/05/22 09:51:00, 0]

Is the errormessage caused by missing smbpasswd file =
I'm not using smbpassword file, password server is specified in config.
Here's my smb.conf:

   debug level = 1
   password server = REAL-NICE-PWSERVER
   security = server 	

   preserve case = yes
   printing = bsd
   printcap name = /etc/printcap
   load printers = yes
   guest account = nobody

   allow hosts = 
   socket options = TCP_NODELAY
   log file = /var/log/samba/log.smb
   max log size = 500
   log level = 1
   status = yes
   dead time = 1000
   lock directory = /var/samba/locks
   share modes = yes
   locking = yes
#   strict locking = yes

Suggestions anyone ?  Google groups almost always helps me out, but couldn't
this time :) 


Hans Almåsbakk

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