[Samba] Please help me

Leonardo Rodríguez leonardorleon at cantv.net
Thu May 22 12:46:33 GMT 2003

Hi List,

I have a Samba PDC installed and one Samba client. I managed to connect
them, so the client I'm able to see the PDC users (wbinfo -u) which means
that the connection it's ok.

So far I can log into the client using the PDC users but ONLY in the text
(Ctrl+Alt+F1, Ctrl+Alt+F2.... and so on) but when I try to do this in the
graphic mode
(Ctrl+Alt+F7) I can't log into the client and I would like to know why I
Aren't these authentications the same?

Another thing is: When I log into the client (text mode) the users can't
find their profiles(roaming profile)..... How can I fix this?

P.S.: I have Samba 2.2.8, RedHat 7.3 switching GNOME and KDE...

Soon answers will be appreciate and thanks in advance...


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