[Samba] Continued: Join domain OK, but domain not found after reboot

Gordon Pritchard gordonp at sfu.ca
Thu May 22 06:07:32 GMT 2003

Hi, all:

	To recap:

	I can successfully get my WinXP box to join the domain (WHITEROCK), but
after rebooting, when I try to log on:

"The system cannot log you on now because the domain WHITEROCK is not

	I get this even when using the user 'root' - and this user was the one
to successfully join the domain WHITEROCK!!

	To rule out any stale junk, my WinXP is a *totally fresh* installation,
with only the sign-or-seal DWORD set to 0.

===== log.nmbd snippet =====
[2003/05/21 22:46:17, 3] nmbd/nmbd_namelistdb.c:add_name_to_subnet(243)
  add_name_to_subnet: Added netbios name WHITEROCK<1b> with first IP ttl=0 nb_flags=60 to subnet
[2003/05/21 22:46:17, 4]
  find_workgroup_on_subnet: workgroup search for WHITEROCK on subnet found.
[2003/05/21 22:46:17, 0]
  Samba server TRAINWRECK is now a domain master browser for workgroup
WHITEROCK on subnet

	<<then,later, during a failed logon>>:

  process_logon_packet: SAMLOGON request from FIREBALL( for
, returning logon svr \\TRAINWRECK domain WHITEROCK code 13 token=ffff
[2003/05/21 22:49:22, 4] lib/util.c:dump_data(1886)
===== End log.nmbd snippet =====

===== log. (my fireball WinXP client) snippet =====
[2003/05/21 22:49:11, 3] smbd/oplock.c:init_oplocks(1214)
  open_oplock_ipc: opening loopback UDP socket.
[2003/05/21 22:49:11, 3] smbd/oplock.c:init_oplocks(1245)
  open_oplock ipc: pid = 6195, global_oplock_port = 32818
[2003/05/21 22:49:11, 4] lib/time.c:get_serverzone(122)
  Serverzone is 25200
[2003/05/21 22:49:11, 3] lib/access.c:check_access(314)
  check_access: no hostnames in host allow/deny list.
[2003/05/21 22:49:11, 2] lib/access.c:check_access(325)
  Allowed connection from  (
[2003/05/21 22:49:11, 3] smbd/process.c:process_smb(882)
  Transaction 0 of length 72
[2003/05/21 22:49:11, 2] smbd/reply.c:reply_special(80)
  netbios connect: name1=TRAINWRECK       name2=FIREBALL
[2003/05/21 22:49:11, 2] smbd/reply.c:reply_special(94)
  netbios connect: local=trainwreck remote=fireball
===== end log. snippet =====

	The only thing I can see that arouses curiousity is this bit:

===== log.smbd snippet =====
[2003/05/21 22:49:11, 1] sam/idmap_tdb.c:db_idmap_init(319)
  idmap uid range missing or invalid
  idmap will be unable to map foreign SIDs
[2003/05/21 22:49:11, 1] sam/idmap_tdb.c:db_idmap_init(331)
  idmap gid range missing or invalid
  idmap will be unable to map foreign SIDs
[2003/05/21 22:49:11, 2] passdb/pdb_ldap.c:ldapsam_open_connection(521)
  ldapsam_open_connection: connection opened
[2003/05/21 22:49:11, 3] passdb/pdb_ldap.c:ldapsam_connect_system(683)
  ldap_connect_system: succesful connection to the LDAP server
[2003/05/21 22:49:11, 4] passdb/pdb_ldap.c:ldapsam_open(734)
  The LDAP server is succesful connected
[2003/05/21 22:49:11, 2] passdb/pdb_ldap.c:ldapsam_setsamgrent(3522)
  ldapsam_setsampwent: 0 entries in the base!
===== end log.smbd snippet =====

	To verify that LDAP is working OK, I certainly can SSH (or console) log
in.  So I *know* that I'm using valid user/password pairs.

	The final strangeness that I note, but have no clue how to deal with

	from /etc/samba/smb.conf I have these lines:

   encrypt passwords = yes
   smb passwd file = /etc/samba/smbpasswd

	What role does the smb passwd file play when using LDAP?  Because...***
I have no /etc/samba/smbpasswd file ***.  I received no error message
when using 'smbpasswd -a -m fireball' or 'smbpasswd -w secret'...

	I'm confused.  I'm going bald from hair-pulling!

	Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.


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