[Samba] AntiVirus

Rainer Link rainer at openantivirus.org
Wed May 21 19:35:48 GMT 2003

Jonh Wendell wrote:
> I have the BitDefender antivirus installed on my linux server.
> How can i configure the Samba so that every file copied to /home be 
> scanned for virus?

If BitDefender offers a kernel module (like e.g. H+BEDV AntiVir+Dazuko 
or Kaspersky AntiVirus for FileServers) for hooking file system calls, 
then no Samba configuration is needed at all.

If BitDefenfer ships within a daemon program, which offers communication 
via TCP and/or Unix sockets or an API (licensed (L)GPL !), it _might_ be 
supported by samba-vscan in the future, as my time is simply too limited 
to add the integration right now.

best regards,
Rainer Link

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