[Samba] Printer Permissions Problem

ganapathy murali krishnan gmurali at cs.uchicago.edu
Wed May 21 17:57:02 GMT 2003

I am unable to add drivers to network printer.
I am logged in as a user who is allowed to write to
those shares. But when ever I right click on the Properties
of the printer when viewing \\DC\Printers and Faxes\PrinterName,
Most of the tabs are disabled.

I was able to install the drivers some time ago. But not any more.
The more weird thing is that for some of the network printers,
the Ports tab of the Properties Pages lists 
"LPT1,LPT2,LPT3,COM1,...COM4,FILE" and for the others it
lists "Samba Printer Port". Infact, the ones for which the drivers
are already installed on the network (which I did a week ago) show
the "LPT1,..." list while those printers which I just added
to the printcap file by hand, display "Samba Printer Port".

Here are the important portions of my smb.conf file.
Let me know if you want any other information.

         # security, users and passwords
         security = user
         encrypt passwords = yes
         domain logons = yes
         smb passwd file = /etc/local/samba/smbpasswd
         add user script = /etc/local/samba/add_user %u

         # Printing configs
         printer admin = @staff
         printing = LPRNG
         printcap name = /etc/local/samba/printcap
         ; testing purposes so we can debug drivers..
         print command = echo "%s on %p" >> /tmp/printlog
         lpq command = lpq -P%p
         lpq cache time = 30
         lprm command = lprm %j
         min print space = 2000
         load printers = yes
         ; add printer wizard doesn't seem to work either
         show add printer wizard = no
         addprinter command = /etc/local/samba/add_printer

     path = /packages/samba/shares/print$
     read only = yes
     browseable = no
     write list = @staff

     path = /tmp
     printable = yes
     writeable = no
     read only = yes
     guest ok = no
     write list = @staff

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