[Samba] Join Domain OK, but domain name not found after reboot :-(

Gordon Pritchard gordonp at sfu.ca
Wed May 21 17:29:11 GMT 2003

Hi, all:

The Situation

	I have a WinXP box (yup, sign-or-seal registry patch applied), and I
can initially join it to my domain.  It then prompts me to reboot, for
the changes to take effect.

	So I do.

	After the reboot, I cannot log onto the domain (using users which are
held in LDAP, and who can do console- and ssh-logins fine).  The
error-message says something to the effect that the domain name could
not be found.
	Curiouser:  I log in locally as Administrator, then check the
workgroup, and it's *NOT* what I had set previously when joining my
domain!  I see the domain as "shaw.ca" rather than "WHITEROCK".

	This is very repeatable.

My Questions

	What causes this joining-but-later-failing-to-connect domain behaviour?

	How do I correct it so that I can log on?

The Configuration

	Samba3.0alpha24 from .rpm.
		Local, Domain, Preferred Master (all yes)
		Domain logons (although I don't have Win9x boxes)
		Security = user
	RedHat 9
	wins server enabled
	nmbd running
	smbclient lists samba-server shares.  The Workgroup lists
(appropriately) as WHITEROCK, whether smbclient is run on the
samba-server or another linux box.


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