[Samba] oplock problem

more more0401 at sina.com
Wed May 21 07:34:15 GMT 2003

Hi, all,

In current, I find that if I copy a big file (e.g. 400M) to a small 
samba share (e.g. 100M), samba will not prompt failure. And the result 
is that: the share has the capacity of 100M, but the big file (400M) is 
in the share.

I trace into the source and I find it is the reason that I turn on 
oplock option in smb.conf.
In samba 2.2.8 source smbd/fileio.c, the function write_file(...) will 
not check flush_write_cache(...) return value. I think it is the reason 
that brings the trouble.
Now I add the assert for fluch_write_cache(...) in write_file(...), it 
works well now.

I wish to know if this fix is reasonable, feeding will be great thanks.


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