[Samba] Profiles after a Samba machine rebuild

Gordon Pritchard gordonp at sfu.ca
Tue May 20 16:04:40 GMT 2003

On Tue, 2003-05-20 at 00:05, Ryan Novosielski wrote:

> I lost my Samba machine to a bad disk a few weeks ago, and I had to start
> from scratch. It was a small home machine and I didn't have backups.
> However, I make use of profiles and the Win2000 machine is now all screwed
> up -- it attempts to make new profiles for some users, with some success.

> Basically, what this question boils down to: How do you recover from
> something like this? What it the proper way to, without backups,
> regenerate a machine and not have any trouble on the clients. Wipe out all
> of the local machine's profiles folders? I have a feeling that won't work
> either.

	I am facing a similar situation, but it was of my own making :-o

	I had a working PDC setup, but it was slow and the hard-drive was
puny.  So, created a new machine, to become the new PDC.  I kept the old
machine for reference (moving it's IP-address up by one, and having the
new PDC take over the IP-address of the original PDC).  The Domain name
is the same...

	When looking through things, I note that all the uid's are different. 
I also put some former-Users into the new setup as Domain Admins (hey,
my son has to learn to install games *himself* :-) ).

	And now, I cannot join the WinXP client to the domain.  I get a cryptic
(WinXP) message about multiple connections to a server/resource with
different names but the same UID???  Samba logs (at level 3) show thing
looking good.

	I am guessing that the WinXP client has a whack of user-info cached
locally, and the new PDC with differing uid's is confusing it.

	Like you, I am not sure how to best deal with this situation.  As a
last resort, if I pick up some beer on the way home, I may
wipe/reinstall the WinXP client, and see if a "cache-less" retry is any
better :-)


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