[Samba] ldap idea for samba 4.0 or earlier ?

Christian Nabski christian.nabski at emd.be
Tue May 20 10:32:25 GMT 2003

Hi ,

I don't know if this is the appropriate list to ask or say something like 
this ...

What I would like to see is the complete samba configuration (smb.conf) in 
ldap. With the possibility of course for non ldap users to have it in a 
text file.
I would set the different sections (global, printers, different shares) as 
separate objects in the tree.
We are busy hacking pgina (the pluggable gina) and creating a new plugin 
to get the mappings from shares to drives for users from ldap.
By combining these objects with the previous mentioned samba share objects 
we would get a very easy to manage (for junior admins, admins who like 

You would than :
1) create a share object 
2) assign a share group object with the share object
3) put the user in this group

This would be a first step on creating a file server as easy to manage as 
a win2k server. 
The rest of the ldap config would be filled in with bind_sdb_ldap, 
dhcp_ldap, qmail-ldap, ...

What do you think ?



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