[Samba] Profiles after a Samba machine rebuild

Ryan Novosielski novosirj at umdnj.edu
Tue May 20 07:05:46 GMT 2003

I lost my Samba machine to a bad disk a few weeks ago, and I had to start
from scratch. It was a small home machine and I didn't have backups.
However, I make use of profiles and the Win2000 machine is now all screwed
up -- it attempts to make new profiles for some users, with some success.
If I try to set the permissions on the local Win2k machine to allow
control by the user it belongs to on the domain, much of the profile
works, but nothing sticks -- changes to settings don't take effect and the
wallpaper actually doesn't display except when initially logging in.

Basically, what this question boils down to: How do you recover from
something like this? What it the proper way to, without backups,
regenerate a machine and not have any trouble on the clients. Wipe out all
of the local machine's profiles folders? I have a feeling that won't work

If someone has the secret, let me know please!

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