[Samba] XP Joining Samba Domain

_Chris McKeever_ tech-mail at prupref.com
Mon May 19 18:46:22 GMT 2003

I have successfully joined the XP machine to the domain.  The strange part
is, that it only wanted to be joined if it connected to the PDC and not the

The way it is set-up is that the XP machine and a BDC is in one branch and
the PDC is in another.  Every time I would try to connect via the BDC, it
would return a value ACCESS DENIED

I stopped the smb service on the BDC, and got it to connect via the PDC.  I
then got it to log into the domain using the BDC for authentication..I made
sure of this by looking at the recent log.machine-name files for the BDC and
PDC and it only showed up in the BDC.

So I am wondering if this is expected behavior?? That it can only join via
the PDC?

Additionally, some notes on the topic to help others...after connecting, I
started to recieve these windows messages at logon:

Cannot locate server copy of your profile and am attempting to log you in
with you local profile.....

Cannot find the local profile and is logging in with temporary profile.

cannot locate your roaming profile (read only) and is attempting to log you
on with your local profile.

Some of this I found to be with the SID changing between the NT network and
the new SAMBA controlled network.  I needed to reassign the local copies of
the profiles security accounts, and that took care of that.

Additionally, since I am not using roaming profiles, I wanted to turn those
messages off.  Using gpedit.msc and changing the following keys solved all
those messages boxes from appearing and it only using the local profile:

local computer policy->computer->system->user profile

only allow user local profile ENABLED
prevent roaming profile changes from propagating to the server ENABLED
do not check ownership of raoming profile folder ENABLED

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> > It is way too late to be wrestling with this, but being the 
> obsessive
> > compulsive I am.....
> >
> > I can not get an XP machine to join a samba-ldap domain
> >
> > The machine account has been made
> > The XP registry and local policies have been set
> >
> > I continue to get 'specified domain does not exist'
> >
> Either the name of the workgroup that the WindowsXP box is in is the
> same as the domain you are trying to join, or you have other name
> resolution problems (which can be solved by using WINS normally).
> I suspect the former. Change the workgroup name to anything that is
> different from your domain name, apply, and then join the 
> domain. (this
> problem is not samba-specific BTW).
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