[Samba] Newbie Configuration of 2.2.3a on HP-UX 11.0

Dave L. Thompson DLThompson at leeclerk.org
Mon May 19 14:17:15 GMT 2003

I have installed Samba with a depot I downloaded from the HP-UX Porting
and Archive Center.  We have an intranet site on an HP-UX 11.0 box, and
ultimately, my goal is to have links on the Web pages open up files
(Word docs, etc.) on various Windows machines (XP, 2000, NT).


I'm having difficulty getting Samba to work at all.  I've scoured past
newsgroup posts, and I'm not finding the solution I need.


I have a Windows 2000 PC, and I'm trying to connect to the HP-UX
machine.  Following is my current smb.conf on the HP machine:



        workgroup = UNIX

        security = SHARE

        encrypt passwords = Yes



        read only = No


smb.conf is very simple at this point, since I'm just trying to get
Samba to work.


My smb processes exist:


$ps -ef|grep mbd

    root  4533     1  0  May 16  ?         0:00 /opt/samba/bin/smbd -D

    root  4540     1  0  May 16  ?         0:15 /opt/samba/bin/nmbd -D


Following is the output from smbclient:


$./smbclient -L <UNIX_Samba_host>

added interface ip=<IP_address> bcast=<broadcast_address>


Domain=[UNIX] OS=[Unix] Server=[Samba 2.2.3a]

tree connect failed: SUCCESS - 0


No recent entries in samba.log exist.


When I try to connect from my Win2000 PC, I get the following:


C:\>net view \\<UNIX_Samba_host>

System error 64 has occurred.


The specified network name is no longer available.



C:\>net view \\<UNIX_Samba_host>\<my_home_dir>

System error 5 has occurred.


Access is denied.


It seems to me that I may be missing something obvious, but I don't know
what it is!


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