[Samba] [Q] Why does it take so long for XP to logon?

Patrick Gunerud slu at firerun.net
Mon May 19 00:08:01 GMT 2003

Have you disabled the WebClient service on the WinXP machines?  If the 
WebClient is enabled it will first try to access a share using the 
webdav protocol then it will try smb.


Maurice Volaski wrote:

> If I login to our Samba box (RedHat 7.1 + 2.4.20) under Windows 2K via 
> Start->Run->share name, I get logged in almost immediately. It 
> averages about 25 seconds under XP. This behavior has been true in 
> various versions of Samba since I believe XP was available and is 
> reproducible on every (several) Windows 2K/XP boxes I have tried. This 
> is a workgroup environment with Samba acting as master browser. It 
> doesn't matter whether the share is referenced as an IP address or 
> NetBIOS name.
> Other keywords: login delay logon delay no response wait long delay 
> Windows 2000 Windows XP

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