[Samba] Mount the complete SMB tree

Joel Hammer Joel at HammersHome.com
Sat May 17 20:11:38 GMT 2003

I see you have gotten no replies.

To mount my entire network, here is what I do. It's a script (bash) I
wrote a long time ago. It seems to still work.

# I use a domain master browser for two subnets.
# If you have only one subnet you could use: nmblookup -M "-" | cut -d " " -f1 instead
MASTER=$(nmblookup WORKGROUP#1b | grep -i \<1b\> | cut -d" " -f1 )
echo $MASTER
# This next statement is complicated
# It runs the output of smbclient -LN $MASTER through some filtering, including
#  a sed script to get just the ip's of the hosts in the WORKGROUP
echo starting server search
servers=$(smbclient -NL $MASTER | tr -d "\011" | tr -s " " | \
sed -n "{
/^Server/{	# search for line with Server
n		# Skip line of dashes
:loop		# Loop point
n		# Read in new line
/^$/q		# If blank line, all done
p		# Out put line (to cut statement)
bloop		# Branch back to loop
}" | cut -d" " -f1 )    
echo $servers 
# The for statement checks for the existance of the mount points
#   and if they don't exist, makes them
# I am alway vague on permissions, but this works
# You can use whatever user and group you want
# Host HAMMER2 below is special and I kept the permissions different.
for i in $servers
	echo "Checking out /mnt/NetWork/$i"
      [  -d "/mnt/NetWork/$i" ] || {
			mkdir /mnt/NetWork/$i
      			chown jlh.users /mnt/NetWork/$i 
      			chmod 755 /mnt/NetWork/$i 
			echo Have created /mnt/Network/$i
      [ $i = "HAMMER2" ] && chmod 700 /mnt/NetWork/$i
# This for statement then runs smbclient -LN against each host in the workgroup
#  to get the shares on each host. It then makes a directory to mount each share
# Then, it mounts each share with the permission given.
# You might have to modify things to get passwords and other details right.
# If you can figure out just what this script is doing from this point on, let me know
#  since it get involved! 
# There are some debugging messages left in.
echo Got Here
for i in $servers
echo Got even here
 for j in `smbclient -L $i -N | grep Disk  \
        | sed 's/Disk.*//' |  tr -d '\011' |  sed 's/ *$//' \
        | sed 's/.*/"&"/'`
	echo $j
    k="$m $j"
    l=`echo $k | sed  's/\(.*\)\([^"]\)$//'`
    if  [ -z "$l" ];
     else m=""
     	n=`echo $k | sed 's/^ *//' | sed 's/"//g' `
     	echo Checking out /mnt/Network/$i/$n 
     	[ -d "/mnt/NetWork/$i/$n" ] ||   mkdir "/mnt/NetWork/$i/$n" 
      	t=`mount  | sed -n "/\/mnt\/NetWork\/$i\/$n/p"`  
      	echo $t
# I don't mount the printer$ share. You can include others not to mount if you like
      	[ -z "$t" ] &&  {
     	[ "$n" != printer$ ] && smbmount //$i/"$n" /mnt/NetWork/$i/"$n" -o uid=jlh,gid=users,guest,rw,fmask=777
     	echo  smbmount //$i/"$n" /mnt/NetWork/$i/"$n"
     	chown jlh.users "/mnt/NetWork/$i/$n" 
     	chmod 755 "/mnt/NetWork/$i/$n"
> Hi,
> Is it possible to mount the complete SMB tree (Network Neighborhood in MS 
> Windows) to /smb for example? I currently only know how to mount individual 
> shares. Thanks in advance,
> Z
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