[Samba] Oplocks on Windows Clients and Winbind revisited

The Fresh Prince of Darkness ghstwrtr at evilgenius.net
Fri May 16 17:25:56 GMT 2003

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First, the more I read about olocks the more inclined I am to disable 
them globally.  Here's the issue though, after experiencing data 
corruption in Act files at the hands of oplocks, we checked the Act 
support database and they recommended disabling oplocks not only on the 
server, but on the client machine as well.  Is there any reason why this 
should be necesary?  If I disable oplocks for all my shares, should I 
disable it on my client machines as well.  We're using NT & 2k mostly, 
with an occasion xp or 98 box, but not many.

Also, last week I'd asked about syncing winbind databases.  It was 
suggested that backing up the winbind_idmap.tdb would be sufficient to 
restore the proper mappings upon failure.  I tried an experiment with 
another linux box wherein as a nightly cron job, the machine shuts down 
winbind locally and on the master machine, copies the tdb over from the 
master and then re-starts winbind again.  This was successful in 
reproducing the same mappings as on the master machine.  What is the 
downside to doing this on production servers?


- -Ron
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