[Samba] XP Joining Samba Domain - Cry For Help

Chris McKeever cgmckeever at prupref.com
Fri May 16 14:55:14 GMT 2003

No, we only have a sparse handle fun of machines, and that was the first I
tried.  I gave up...

I will recovene again this evening, with a somewhat different battle plan.
I think there was some crazy cross-subnet crap going on affecting me....

I thought I had it once, it said welcome, but then wouldnt let me log back
in after a reboot.

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> > I continue to get 'specified domain does not exist'
> Were you able to join clients *other than* Windows XP? I had a similar
> symptom, but I got the same result with a Windows 2000 client.
> The problem appeared to be Samba. I was using a SuSE SLES-8
> samba-2.2.5-60.s390.rpm. I got  the SP2 upgrade CD which has the RPM
> samba-2.2.5-78.s390.rpm (which has a lot of 2.2.8 code back ported). I
> sparked Samba back up and joining the domain worked fine.
> This may be an s390 thing, but if you're not up to the latest 
> Samba this
> might be a good excuse to upgrade.
>           -Mike MacIsaac, IBM  mikemac at us.ibm.com   (845) 433-7061
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