[Samba] some simple samba problems

christopher j bottaro cjb at cs.utexas.edu
Thu May 15 19:52:38 GMT 2003

> There is a path parameter in your share definition. That is where the print
> job is sent from the client.
> You could make:
>      printing command = echo "tried to print %s" > /tmp/signal
> And see what is in signal.
> %s will not show the whole path name, just the print job name, since
> the path name in the share is assumed.
> Joel

ok, when i try to print a windows test page, sometimes (not all the time) the 
printer makes noise, but nothing comes out, and something is made in 
/var/spool/cups, but not in /var/spool/samba.  if the printer doesn't makes 
noise and is silent, something is still made in /var/spool/cups, but not 

> If you are using cups, why not tell samba about it?
> In smb.conf, try
> printing = cups
> printcap name = cups
> load printers = yes

my "printing" is already set to cups, but i changed "printcap name" like you 
said, but no good results...=/

> with problem 1 you might like to try making writeable = yes    and perhaps
> if you're not concerned about security put public = yes as well....  the
> other too i've no idea sorry.  only the first one as i've just tried to do
> it as well..  ;)

i tried making it writeable, but it didn't do anything...=/

thanks again for the help,
-- christopher

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