[Samba] RE: big file server

bkrusic at yahoo.com bkrusic at yahoo.com
Thu May 15 18:32:34 GMT 2003


We are running a simailar scenario to you but a bit
more complex as we've 4 800GB Samba XFS servers (mixed
3ware and external RAID Intel IDE to SCSI).

The 3ware is fine but based on tests and
manageability, I would recommend using an external
RAID IDE to SCSI 160 64 bit solution fitting it with
smaller and many 7200 RPM disks.  The point here is to
maximize spindle count/speed. 

Also, using more smaller RAIDs rather than 1 larger
one will distro both network and disk i/o load.

You may even think about slapping on a DFS front end
to have a single dir point but going to multiple sub
dirs on multiple RAIDs.


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