[Samba] big file server

Gordon Pritchard gordonp at sfu.ca
Thu May 15 16:15:18 GMT 2003

On Thu, 2003-05-15 at 10:34, Thierry ITTY wrote:

> I plan to set up a big file server
> Of course this would be served by some linux os and samba
> questions (relative to samba configuration and behaviour) : 
> - is there a better fs type (ext2, 3, xfs...) for this ?
> - what about such space (1 TB at least), can i have only one fs for the
> whole ?
> - what about huge files (over 2 GB)
> - any suggestions (kernel releases and patches, samba performance tips...)

	I am about to do the same thing (3x = 3 independent GigE-connected
servers, each with their own 1TB disk-arrays and attached LTO
tape-bacukup units.).  We have talked over the same issue, and have
chosen to use Reiserfs.

	The debate continues about which is faster, more robust, lower CPU
usage, etc. but I think either XFS or ReiserFS is an excellent choice. 
For me, ReiserFS won out for two practical reasons:

	-we're using a lot of RedHat, and ReiserFS is basically included 'out
of the box'.  During a fresh install, I use the GUI tool 'anaconda',
then Ctrl-Shift-F2 to a shell at the disk-partitioning point.  Then I
use the miniroot tools included with RH to create the Reiser partitions,
and format them.  Ctrl-Shift-F7 back to the GUI, and Disk Druid
recognizes the Reiser-partitions.  Continue installation per normal. 
You cannot use the GUI anaconda to create Reiser partitions, although it
will happily recognize them.

	-our servers will be backed up by 'amanda'.  You need special XFS tools
(xfsdump is one) that you have to Google for... It's just a slightly
higher hassle-factor, which I feel will complicate upgrades or
bare-metal disaster recovery.

	Both are reputed to be very quick, support ACL's, handle large files,

	Our servers will have these arrays configured to be one single
file-system (/home), with the Operating System to be held on RAID 1
(mirrored) smaller drives (this is purely to help cope with 1 drive
dying :-( ).

	That's my $0.02 ;-)  There may be all sorts of glitches along the way,
because I haven't yet actually done this installation yet.  But I have
used the various components (including Samba 3.0alpha) for 8 - 20


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