[Samba] Win98 problem with shares

Robert McKay rmckay at securedatamgmt.com
Thu May 15 12:17:44 GMT 2003

I have a RH8.0 box acting as a server for my small network of three boxes.
The first client I am trying to share via Samba can see the shares in MSDOS
using [net view \\ip.add.re.ss] but can not see them using the domain name
nor in Network neighborhood and the logon using NT style, says there is no
domain server to verify password.  I have gone thru the smb.conf many times
and now have WebMin to assist in making changes to it and other things.  How
should the W98 client be addressing the logon? or is it still in the
smb.conf that this lies?

 Robert L. McKay

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