[Samba] PDF Samba Printer - ps2pdf Only Letter Size?

Matthew Western mwestern at affairs.net.au
Thu May 15 06:39:39 GMT 2003

Hi all,

I've got a nice working pdf samba printer emailing the right person thanks to PeteFwee and David F and am doing a little testing. I've just realized that it's set to Letter when it creates the .pdf file. and i've googled till i'm blue in the face and can't see any options that says page size or something similar. i'm running ghostscript 7.04. 

does anybody know how to make ps2pdf do A4 size paper?

Here's my slightly modified script so it mails the user back...






# This script is intended to be used as a CUPS backend, to create

# PDF file on-the-fly. Just create a printer using the device uri

# pdf:/path/to/dir/. When printing to this printer, a PDF file

# will be generated in the directory specified. The file name will

# be either "<jobname>.pdf" or "unknown.pdf", depending wether the

# jobname is empty or not.


# To use it, simply copy this script to your backend directory, and

# create a printer with the correct URI. That's it.


# Copyright (C) Michael Goffioul (goffioul at imec.be) 2001


PDFBIN=`which ps2pdf`


# this is borrowed from printpdf script for the filename

PRINTTIME=`date +%b%d-%H%M%S`

echo "Executable: $PDFBIN" >> $LOGFILE

echo "Arguments: |$1|$2|$3|$4|$5|$6|" >> $LOGFILE 


# case of no argument, prints available URIs

if [ $# -eq 0 ]; then

if [ ! -x "$PDFBIN" ]; then

exit 0


echo "direct pdf \"Unknown\" \"PDF Writing\""

exit 0


# case of wrong number of arguments

if [ $# -ne 5 -a $# -ne 6 ]; then

echo "Usage: pdf job-id user title copies options [file]"

exit 1


# get PDF directory from device URI, and check write status


if [ ! -d "$PDFDIR" -o ! -w "$PDFDIR" ]; then

echo "ERROR: directory $PDFDIR not writable"

exit 1


echo "PDF directory: $PDFDIR" >> $LOGFILE 

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