[Samba] some simple samba problems

christopher j bottaro cjb at cs.utexas.edu
Thu May 15 01:31:43 GMT 2003

ok, i tried to resolve 1) by adding "use client driver = yes" to my [printers] 
section.  now when i click on the printer in windows, it says "ready".  good.  
but when i actually try to print, nothing happens.  bad.  what do i do?

-- christopher

On Wednesday 14 May 2003 03:55 pm, christopher j bottaro wrote:
> hello,
> there are 3 problems i've been having with samba for a very long time.  i
> was hoping to get them resolved once and for all.  my smb.conf file is
> attached.
> 1)  my printer is shared via samba and i'm using the cups print system.  i
> can see the printer from my win2k and winxp machines, but it says "unable
> to connect, access denied".  how do i remedy this problem?
> 2)  i'm sharing all my home directories via samba.  a win32 machine can
> only see cjb's home dir if there is a cjb account on on that win32 machine
> with the same password as the linux machine.  i want any win32 machine to
> see
> >all< shared home dirs, but only allowed to enter them if the correct
> password is supplied.  and furthermore, once the window is closed, it will
> ask for the password again if trying to enter the dir again.
> 3)  sometimes when i click on a share, windows will ask for a password, but
> the text input for the login is greyed out.  thus i can only supply a
> password, but not a correct login...what gives?
> i'm using samba-2.2.7.
> thank you very very much for the help, it is greatly appreciated, and it
> will be added to my ever growing "how to do things in linux" document...=)
> -- christopher

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