[Samba] windows printer queue failure

Kurt Pfeifle kpfeifle at danka.de
Wed May 14 15:47:59 GMT 2003

Christoph Litauer litauer at uni-koblenz.de wrote on Samba-Digest:

> Wed May 14 17:09:56 GMT 2003
> I am driving Suse 8.2, samba 2.2.7a, cups 1.1.18
> As I mentioned recently I cannot see the cups printer queues from a 
> windows client even if lpq -Pprinter on the cups server gives the 
> correct status.
> I tested a litte more and got the following results:
> 1.) If I configure samba to
> 	printing = CUPS
> 	printcap name = CUPS
>      I can see all queue entries in the windows status panel, too -- 
> except for those jobs, that were sent by users with account names >= 8 
> characters.

Interesting observation.

How is the authentication setup of your system? I assume this is just a
standalone Samba server? Or are you authenticating your Windows clients
via a third source?

Is the underlying Linux supporting user names longer than 8 chars?

(Just to clarify: is it really also a problem with account names = 8

> Is this a bug?

No idea.

> 2.) If I configure samba to
> 	printing = sysv
> 	printcap name = CUPS

Shouldn't you use "printcap = /etc/printcap" ? (Probably smbd doesn't
understand this setting anyway and therefore chooses the compiled-in
default -- you could verify this by asking "testparm | grep printcap",
"[ENTER]" twice...)

> 	lpq command = lpstat -o %p
>    I can see the jobs only as they appear on the samba-/cups-server. 
> They disappear from the status panel immediatly when the spooling is 
> finished. Should it work? 

I guess it should...

However.... CUPS knows both, the System V and the BSD variants of most
print-related commands. And it returns the appropriate output formats
to please legacy clients and systems.

See this example:

   kde4 at kde-bitshop:~> lpstat -o mopi
   mopi-1489               root              1024   Fri 03 Jan 2003 09:21:57 PM CET
   mopi-1490               root              1024   Fri 03 Jan 2003 09:22:31 PM CET
   mopi-1491               root              1024   Fri 03 Jan 2003 09:22:49 PM CET
   mopi-1492               root              1024   Fri 03 Jan 2003 09:22:57 PM CET
   mopi-1493               root              1024   Fri 03 Jan 2003 09:23:03 PM CET

   kde4 at kde-bitshop:~> lpq -Pmopi
   mopi is ready
   Rank    Owner   Job     File(s)                         Total Size
   1st     root    1489    motd                            1024 bytes
   2nd     root    1490    motd                            1024 bytes
   3rd     root    1491    motd                            1024 bytes
   4th     root    1492    motd                            1024 bytes
   5th     root    1493    motd                            1024 bytes

Check if you get a better result from the "lpq -P printername" variant....

> Anybody else has this problem?
> -- 
> Regards
> Christoph Litauer


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