[Samba] se3tting up samba as a PDC to serve XP clients

Chris Smith chris at realcomputerguy.com
Wed May 14 13:49:59 GMT 2003


On Wed, 2003-05-14 at 08:20, Ben Robinson wrote:
> I have been setting up Windows servers to serve windows clients for many
> years and am now looking at samba as an alternative.  I am currently
> having a problem setting up samba as a PDC for windows XP clients.  I
> can see the samba server through My Network Places.  If I try to access
> it I can after putting in one of the usernames and passwords I have set
> up using smbpasswd.  I have added a machine trust account (or whatever
> they are called) to the samba server using adduser machinename$  and
> smbpasswd machinename -m.  This seems to have worked because it lets me
> join the XP box to the domain using root username and pword I get the
> message welcome to the "clickon" domain you must reboot you computer.  I
> reboot the PC and when I go to log on if I change the log on to box the
> clickon domain is listed and I can select it but when I try to log on to
> the domain I get the message "unable to log on to the domain because
> either the domain server is not available or there is no computer
> account for this PC in the domain" or words to that effect.  I have not
> included my smbd.conf file so as not to spam you all with crap.  But I
> can quote any setting if it would shed any light.

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