[Samba] Random Password Expirations

Derek J. Balling dredd at megacity.org
Wed May 14 13:42:50 GMT 2003

We have two users whose Samba passwords seem to expire somewhat 
randomly (I'm sure it's monthly or something like that). Both of them 
are Win2K users.

So, I've got a couple questions:

1.) `smbpasswd -a <username>` does not, by default, set an expiration 
for a password, does it? (I don't think so, otherwise I'd've seen this 
problem *way* more often by now, but I want to be sure)

2.) Are there any utilities to browse the tdbsam backend file, to see 
the properties for a given username (e.g., to confirm when I delete the 
user that they're really gone, and that when I create them their 
password is not set to expire)

3.) I'm told by my help desk folks, that they've double checked, and 
the windows client itself is not set to expire passwords. Since I'm not 
a windows user myself, can someone point out to me the various places 
where the client might be setting an expiration date, so I can be sure 
those are all un-set?

Thanks in advance...


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