[Samba] Where to get Adobe Postscript Drivers

Brian Wiese bwiese at hms4emc.com
Tue May 13 21:35:04 GMT 2003

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|Hi all,
|According to Samba 2.2.x HOW-TO:
|You need to download them yourself from the Adobe website. Once
|extracted, create a drivers directory in the CUPS data directory
|(usually /usr/share/cups/). Copy the Adobe files using UPPERCASE
|filenames, to this directory as follows:
|        ADFONTS.MFM
|        ADOBEPS4.DRV
|        ADOBEPS4.HLP
|        ADOBEPS5.DLL
|        DEFPRTR2.PPD
|        ICONLIB.DLL
|I could not find ADOBEPSU.HLP from adobe, neither from  "Adobe 
|PostScript Windows Driver Installer 1.0.6" nor from " 
|PostScript Printer
|Driver AdobePS 4.2.6 for Windows 95 and Windows 98". Can anyone be more
|specific as to where I can find ADOBEPSU.HLP, because without 
|that file,
|cupsaddsmb says "NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL".

I asked this recently on the list, got a response, but still am in the same
boat you are now.  I could not find all of the adobe files specified in the
samba howto.


|Also, can anyone tell me what is the difference between security = user
|and security = share. I am just testing printing from a Windows 2000
|client with automatic driver download and have smbguest account on the
|samba server. Whenever I set security = user, I can't access the samba
|server from windows client. and setting security = share causes
|cupsaddsmb to fail saying "NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME".

'security = user' causes the samba to look to the local smbpasswd file for
user authentication to files/printers on the server.  In this way,
file/shares are only restricted by user and group accounts on the local
machine.  'security = share' I believe allows one to place password
restriction on specific shares, though I have never used it.

|Any help is much appreciated
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