[Samba] cli_pipe: return critical error. Error was Call returnedzerobyte(EOF),hilfe!

Dragan Krnic dkrnic at lycos.com
Tue May 13 19:14:19 GMT 2003

|       This would *possibly* map to the files of your 
|       driver like this:
|         Long Printer Name:\            -->  lp:\
|                missing: should be "RAW" !! #####
|    Yeah, you're right. I've missed the RAW DDT. Now
|    when I complied I got the error from the subject
|    line.
| Sorry? I didn't get that: you forgot the "RAW" when 
| you quoted the adddriver command in the mail, or you 
| forgot it in the command itself?

In the command. When I added it, I got other error.

|    Something else: I tried enumdrivers. Without level
|    parm it shows me level 1, but if I specify level 2
|    or 3, it prints
|     [Windows 4.0]
|     Segmentation fault.
|    Perhaps I should scratch those nt*.tdb's and try
|    again?
| This helps sometimes. Delete them (or move them away)
| and start all over.

I did. I scratched the files and then repeated the
compliant rpcclient with debug level at 999. The 
result was NT_STATUS_UNSSUCCESSFUL. I have attached
a bzip2 compress of the log. Perhaps you can dig out
something interesting. It has actually moved all files
from W32X86 to 32X86/3 but if I query enumdrivers it
reports segmentation fault again.

>From where I now sit I can't use ftp for uploads. All 
files are 3.5 MB compressed, so I can't mail it either.
I'm stuck.

cupsaddsmb has the same problem trying to set up a 2
printer. The files are there but enumdrivers segments.


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