[Samba] HELP! Winbind Server Secret password Goes BAD

Mark Pelkoski mpelkoski at buympc.com
Tue May 13 14:50:34 GMT 2003

Thanks in advance for any help on this. 
I am running samba-2.2.8a on RH 9.0. Periodically, the Winbind server
secret password goes bad. Users authenticating to a joined Active
Directory domain can no longer do so. Wbinfo -t shows "secret is bad."
By joining the AD domain again and bouncing the smb and winbind services
makes it good again. My question is, what is the secret to getting this
stable enough to where the secret never goes bad? Is there a way to
automatically check or actively change the secret password in order for
the NTLM authentication process does not stop working? I plan on
implementing this server into a high production environment. This
instability is simply not acceptable. This is to replace a Microsoft box
and to prove to management that Linux is a good alternative. Any and all
help is appreciated. Thanks,

Mark Pelkoski

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