[Samba] Outlook.pst corrupt

Nicola Faravelli n.faravelli at pibergroup.com
Tue May 13 10:48:31 GMT 2003

I have this problem.
Samba server version 2.2.3a 
Server Hp 9000 - HP-UX 11.11.
Clients W98.
Server is used as file-server (config file smb.conf with no particulry
changes-I have keeped originally hp-configuration) .
I have created personal directory-one for PC-client where I have
trasferred file Outlook.pst (OUTLOOK 2000).
Casauly file Outlook.pst crashed and I must reload it with
Win-prog. scnpst.exe.
I'have tried also with oplook=no ..ecc. but problem remains.

Into all directories I have many other files (doc,xls ecc..) but only
Outlook.pst is corrupted !!

Best regards
n.faravelli at pibergroup.com

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