[Samba] Re: Re: cant ping winbind!

kenneth.westelinck at pandora.be kenneth.westelinck at pandora.be
Tue May 13 09:58:47 GMT 2003

> scienceu.org
>when i log on the domain  from another machine, i have
>only the choice to connect to "scienceu" 
Yes, so you'll have to join the SCIENCEU domain, not SCIENCEU.ORG. You also have to put SCIENCEU as workgroup in smb.conf

>di i have to put an ip or a netbios name ?
>because a can ping the ip but not the netbios name .
>i ve read somewhere that if we want to ping a netbios
>name, we have to change something in linux
Put the IP in smb.conf, or put it in the hosts file. So this should solve your problem. winbindd didn't find the PDC, because it couldn't resolve the name to an IP address.

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