[Samba] Re: cant ping winbind!

chris Bouchet duc_zergouille at yahoo.fr
Tue May 13 09:47:09 GMT 2003

well on the pdc i hace created a domain :

when i log on the domain  from another machine, i have
only the choice to connect to "scienceu" 

> You can't ping winbind, because it fails to connect
>to the PDC.
>- did you put the correct name for the PDC in
>    password server = <MyPDC>
di i have to put an ip or a netbios name ?
because a can ping the ip but not the netbios name .
i ve read somewhere that if we want to ping a netbios
name, we have to change something in linux

>- can you ping the PDC from the Linux with the name
>as configured in 
>    ping MyPDC

>- from your log it appears the SCIENCEU.ORG is your
>PDC, are you sure 
>this is a PDC, i.e. not an ordinary NT/Win2000 box?

yes it is the name of the holder of the Active D

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