[Samba] samba and sql, monitoring pc usage with samba

Éliás Tamás eliast at veszprog.hu
Tue May 13 07:31:02 GMT 2003

Hy all! There are winxps on my network, and a linux box acts as a router, and 
has a samba installed, wich works as a domain master, and has roaming 
profiles. My question is the following: is it possible, to use, eg.: a Mysql 
database to read the users from, instead of using unix's (Linux, Debian Woody) 
password files'. So for example, it would be easy for the management staff, 
adding a new computer user (by modifying an SQL table), without affecting my 
password files (and have adduser -s /bin/false -d /dev/null). My next question 
is: Is it possible to monitor user's pc usage time / network usage 
(input/output byte count)? Or are there any utilities for that? Does anyone 
know anything about RADIUS?

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