[Samba] Avoiding Local Profiles w/ samba as PDC

Shane Walton dsrelist at yahoo.com
Tue May 13 01:20:37 GMT 2003

I feel certain that this is a iterating question, but
I have yet to find a correct answer.  I am hoping that
someone can point out how to use samba as a PDC with
roaming profiles in the following manner...

Current Functionality:

-   First time logon results in a complete copy of
    the server profile to the local client.
-   During the session the local profile is modified.
-   The logout does some time consuming sync of the
    local profile and the server profile.

Warranted Functionality:

-   Local profile does not exist
-   Logon reads profile from server, like a share
-   During the session, the profile is changed on the
    server, still no local profile exists
-   The logout has no need to waste time doing a sync

Is this setup even possible?  If so is this a
limitation of Windows or Samba?  I look forward to
your reply.  Thanks.


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