[Samba] install

Soren Harward soren at byu.edu
Mon May 12 20:02:19 GMT 2003

On Sat 10 May 2003 at 13:33:53, Hans Mobron said:
> i need some help whit in stall Samba 3.0 on i RedHat 7.2 machine.
> But i still don't have any succes! Any help is welkom, don't have many 
> experince whit Linux, so explane how to do any thing.

The samba 3.0 RPM you have was probably built on a newer version of
redhat, so you're going to need to build your own package from source.
Install the rpm-build package on Red Hat, download the SRPM for Samba
3.0, and then do:

rpmbuild --rebuild [name of samba 3.0 SPRM package]

Soren Harward
soren at byu.edu

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