[Samba] PDC authentication

kenneth.westelinck at pandora.be kenneth.westelinck at pandora.be
Mon May 12 14:19:23 GMT 2003

- did you configure nsswitch?
- did you configure pam?
- try to run winbindd with -d 10, see if there are any errors shown in the winbindd log

 =?iso-8859-1?q?chris Bouchet <duc_zergouille at yahoo.fr> wrote:
hello users !!i have a PDC win 2000 server, and a samba server on another
> computer .i would like to authenticate my samba users on the domaini've 
>learned that it was possible with the "domain level security" well here i
>s ma smb.conf : [global]workgroup=scienceu.orgnetbios name=ttsecurity
>=domainwins server = uid = 10000-20000winbind gid
> = 10000-20000template shell = /bin/bashwinbind separator = _winbin
>d enum users= yeswinbind enum groups= yeswinbind use default domain  yeslog level = 5  [duc_shares]path = /usrvalid users=test in my AD
> ive created a  user testand when i try to connect to the duc_share via a
>nother computer which is on the domain, I cant even if i type login test 
>pass test when asked in fact i need to add an entry to smbpasswd for the 
>user test and then it works => my authentication isn't done on the PDC 
>.....me i want to use the test account on the pdc... thanks ! chris
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