[Samba] PDC authentication

chris Bouchet duc_zergouille at yahoo.fr
Mon May 12 14:08:38 GMT 2003

hello users !!i have a PDC win 2000 server, and a samba server on another computer .i would like to authenticate my samba users on the domaini've learned that it was possible with the "domain level security" well here is ma smb.conf : [global]workgroup=scienceu.orgnetbios name=ttsecurity=domainwins server = uid = 10000-20000winbind gid = 10000-20000template shell = /bin/bashwinbind separator = _winbind enum users= yeswinbind enum groups= yeswinbind use default domain = yeslog level = 5  [duc_shares]path = /usrvalid users=test in my AD ive created a  user testand when i try to connect to the duc_share via another computer which is on the domain, I cant even if i type login test pass test when asked in fact i need to add an entry to smbpasswd for the user test and then it works => my authentication isn't done on the PDC ....me i want to use the test account on the pdc... thanks ! chris

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