[Samba] samba - winxp losing network drives

Mal Beaton mal at mbeaton.id.au
Mon May 12 01:40:16 GMT 2003

I have a samba setup 2.2.3a with winxp workstations using roaming
profiles. The roaming profiles work fine.

It seems during the day that users lose the connections to their
networked drives.  It seems to be after the screen saver is
activated.Sometimes the drives reappear after clicking on them a couple
of times in explorer, sometimes it requires a reboot.I have checked the
Power options on the workstations thinking that the power options could
have an impact but they are all set to always on, with no hibernate
suspend etc. Dont even turn off monitor or hdd's.
Has anyone experienced this before or can give me clues of where to look



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