[Samba] off topic -- open source ssl vpn's?

Raj Saxena rajan at ipisland.com
Sun May 11 18:22:05 GMT 2003

Hey Guys,
         I am currently evaluating ssl vpn's. There is a big demand for us
to get one of these boxes. I am getting some of the boxes in house for
demo'ing next week.
All of the vendors use embedded linux in some form.

I was wondering if anyone knows of any open source ssl vpn's ?

The boxes I will be evaluating are as follows:

Safeweb http://www.safeweb.com  ~$11,000
Lemon Planet http://www.lemonplanet.com  ~$2500 for software only solution
Neoteris http://www.neoteris.com         ~$20,000
Aepsysetms http://www.aepsystems.com     ~$5000

There are a lot of vendors in the market place and it is going to boom.
I would like any feeback from any one of you guys that is out there that has
implemented a ssl vpn or if u know of anyone that has something going in the
open source way.

I will post my test results to this group for anyone's info once I do my


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