[Samba] Windows 2000 Profiles Through Freeswan VPN

Landon Chelf landonc at starrobbins.com
Sun May 11 16:32:25 GMT 2003


I have setup a samba server at my office as a PDC it stores the profiles
on the server fine.  I can access the profiles from any computer in the
office just fine.  My problem is that I work from home 4 days a week and
need to access my work profile.  I currently VPN into the office network
via freeswan.  I can log into the the domain from the vpn'd connection
and I can access the samba shares.  I have samba setup as a WINS server
and everything is working great.  I am just unable to access my Win2k
profile through the VPN.  Can anyone tell me how to fix this and if it
is even possible.


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