[Samba] Why a PDC?

Chris Travers chris at travelamericas.com
Sun May 11 05:18:33 GMT 2003

Robert L. Harris wrote:

>At my office there's talk of moving from a "WorkGroup" currently hosted
>through samba to a Domain, possibly hosted through samba.  Anyone got a
>definitive "why we should or should not rip out the existing, working
>workgroup to put in a domain?"

Centralized account management.  If you change your password on the 
workgroup, you may have to change your password on every computer in 
order to regain access to shares.

Pro-- greater security-- often people leave shares wide open on 
workgroups in order to avoid proiblems regarding password 
authentication.  Domains solve this problems.


Centralized point fo failure.  If tyhe domain controllers are down, your 
network is down.  Period.  Fortunately that is what a BDC is for.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers, MCSE, MCSA, LPIC-2

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