[Samba] specified network name no longer available (Profile not sync)

Ben Lutgens blutgens at us-admins.com
Sat May 10 18:55:49 GMT 2003

For some reason on my samba PDC (redhat 9, samba-2.2.7 with security 
patches) my XP Pro clients are closing their network connections 
before they sync the profile information to the server. Can anyone 
offer me a hint how to fix this? I'm a linux guy not a windows guy so 
I'm a bit perplexed. Is there a way to force it not to do that until 
the sync is done?

FWIW it's a dell workstation which came with XP Pro pre-installed (so 
I'm told)

I get the following error

DETAIL - The specified network name is no longer available.

This is driving me crazy, I've setup samba pdcs several times and 
NEVER seen this. Stupid windows.

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